Digital Signage Services for Hospitality Clients in North East England

Quality LED Restaurant and Takeaway Menu Displays
Personalised Signage for Brand Strength

Personalised digital signage helps achieve consistent branding while helping to enhance customer experience by providing essential information using either a static display or interactive touch-screen experience. Displays and signage can be fully incorporated into the hospitality experience in hotels, larger guest houses, restaurants, cafes and casinos by providing information and directions as well as being easily updated.

Hotel Experience
Boutique hotels as well as the larger hotel groups find that digital signage can assist guests and visitors with information that helps free-up concierge services to assist with more complex enquiries. Screens can supply information that's relevant to guests and may also include advertising for nearby local businesses, weather and traffic information.

Updating Information
The beauty of networked information is that it can be easily updated from hotel "head office", managed locally by hotel staff or both.

In-Room and Lobby Services - Interactive Kiosks
Accessibility helps guests manage their hotel experience by providing facilities to make restaurant reservations, find directions and help promote hotel amenities such as room service, in-house beauty and spa treatments, fitness, sauna and function room availability or upcoming events

Restaurants - Up-To-Date Menus and Information
Digital signage makes it so easy to update information in real time to provide menus and seating availability. It is also feasible to use an interactive screen to make reservations for a later date

Maximising Staff Resources
The increasing demands on staff to maintain efficiency can be quite taxing when handling a multitude of differing tasks. Thankfully many of the more mundane questions can probably be handled faster and easier with interactive displays that can make information available in a variety of languages.

Digital Signage Expansion in the Hospitality Industry
Advances in the underlying technology that helps automate the processing and display of information can only lead to better user experiences with more timely information, improved communication and the ability to serve users in more than one language

Digital Signage Installation and Maintenance

Installers for Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland
We cover the North East of England. Centred in Tyne and Wear we can provide installation and maintenance services with a fast response around Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland as well as Durham, Darlington, Middlesbrough and surrounding areas. By arrangement, we can hold common replacement parts instock locally for fast turnaround when a problem presents itself.